Company Overview


The explosive growth of the Internet has put us closer and closer to strangers who are outside of our natural circle of trust.  We ride in cars with drivers we don’t know, sleep in the beds of people we’ve never met before, date people we meet online, and have strangers come to our home to walk our dog or buy our used car.

Building trust with online is but one of the challenges we all face as more and more of our lives are lived digitally.  We struggle sorting through bots, bad actors, and fake profiles, and we struggle with the fact that more of our personal information is stored in more places than ever before, leading to real privacy and security threats.

It’s been proven, with billions of records stolen, that tech and social media giants can’t be trusted with our personal information.  We need to take back ownership and control of our personal information so it can be protected, secure, and only shared with the people we approve.

The good news in all this is that technologies are emerging which give us a way to build trust with the people we meet online, safeguard our personal information, and own our identity information.

That’s why we created Dentity.  We’re a group of tech entrepreneurs with decades of experience solving real-world consumer problems.  Here are some of the essential values and beliefs that motivate us:


Trust is quickly becoming the most valued currency of our time.  As consumers, if we aren’t working to build it or demonstrate it, the future might leave us behind.  But fighting through the malignancies of the Internet makes it tough.  We can make the Internet a safer place by creating a trust model that allows us to maintain our varied digital personas while appreciating the value of verifiable information.  We can also positively impact the environment by improving resource efficiency and promoting sustainable growth by increasing online trust, a central requirement for the sharing economy, which is expected to reach $350 billion in the coming years.


Emerging technologies and standards allow us to protect our personal information with a new level of privacy and security.  You shouldn’t have to be a tech genius to figure this out — it should be easy to use, accessible to everyone, and free.  We’re focused on bringing the most advanced security to the everyday Internet user so they can protect their personal information.


The centralized identity model, with Big Tech and social media companies collecting more of our personal information, is not sustainable.  There’s a better way to solve the complex identity issues that we confront online — one where we own our identity, have a place to store and safeguard our personal information, and a way to share it that is designed for privacy.

Please join our mission at Dentity.  We’d love to hear from you, drop us an email let us know what you’re thinking.