Identity Verification, Internet Safety

Online Buyers and Sellers and Dating App Users Assume Fake Identities to Commit Crimes

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The Internet can be a violent place.  People that seek to do us harm prowl for victims, creating a daily dose of headlines which range from death and dismemberment to financial scams and sensational catfishing stories.  According to The Washington Post, Craigslist alone is responsible for documented murders in triple digits, and another study estimates that each year, as many as 100 murders, 16,000 abductions, and thousands of sexual assaults occur as a result of online dating.

The September 2022 conviction of a Colorado man who killed a couple that responded to an online car advertisement is but a recent example of this scourge.  According to the District Attorney who prosecuted the case, “The defendant assumed a fake identity to lure this innocent couple into his snare, pretending to be someone he wasn’t and to sell a car he didn’t own…He callously ended two innocent lives for a few thousand dollars.”

A common thread in many online crimes is fake identity — predators and criminals using false or assumed identities to commit crimes.  In these cases, verifying the identity of the person you meet or transact with online can be a life saver.  Fortunately, there’s a free ID verification service available to all consumers.  It’s easy to use and offers enterprise-level identity verification.  It’s a public service designed to increase Internet safety.

Free Identity Verification

Dentity offers a no-cost way to verify the identity of people on dating apps like Tinder, selling websites like Craigslist and OfferUp, and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.  It takes less than a minute to create an account.  Online criminals hide behind fake identity, so free ID verification can deter many online crimes.

Free Name, Age, and Gender Verification

Dentity allows consumers to verify the name, age, and gender of the people they meet online.  Dating apps are notorious for financial scams and catfishers — verifying ID reduces the threat caused by fake profiles and allows consumers to verify basic information like name, age, and gender.

Free to Verify ID, Free to Invite Friends

Dentity is always free.  Consumers can create an account in less than a minute and, once their identity is verified, they can invite an unlimited number of friends to join the service. 

As more of our lives turn digital, the threat posed by bad actors which seek to do us harm is only increasing.  Dentity offers a free identity verification service to consumers to protect them against criminals on sites like Craigslist and OfferUp, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.