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Public and Persistent: Your Verified Identity Page

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The concept of a public and persistent verified identity page is a novel one so let’s cover the basics — what is it, why do I need it, and how can I use it?

What is a Public Identity Page?

Your public verified identity page is created by Dentity after we verify your identity using our proprietary algorithms and advanced technology. Once your identity has been verified, Dentity users customize their profile and include the information they want to make public. The page is public and persistent — meaning is always online unless you make it private or remove it — and sits at a page address that you customize, like From this page, your identity can be verified by others using our Verify Me system.

One great part about getting your identity verified by Dentity is that you can have multiple profile pages. Many users have a unique profile for business, social media, and their personal life with each page containing different information. Because the requirement to have a profile page with Dentity is verified identity, it lends credibility regardless of what information you choose to make public.

Why do you Need One?

As the sharing economy explodes and we interact with more people who we don’t know — outside our circle of family, friends, or work colleagues — verifying your identity has never been more important. When you’re involved in an online or offline interaction that requires trust, confirming the person you’re dealing with is real and verified increases trust and safety.

Dentity brings advanced identity verification tools to the peer-to-peer market. Typically, these tools are controlled by business and governmental entities that “identity proof” for account creation or the delivery of services.

Dentity turns that model on its head. We put advanced identity verification tools in the hands of consumers who are interacting with each other. You can’t count on social media platforms, big tech, or sites like Craigslist to do this for you — they don’t. You are on your own when it comes to protecting your safety and bad things can happen on the Internet under the guise of anonymity. Verifying identity increases your safety and improves trust.

How can you use it?

Your verified identity page is a universal trust system for all your online activities. You can use it on your social media accounts to show others you interact with that you’re Verified, or when you buy or sell something online using Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or OfferUp. You can use it on your dating profile to show you’re not a catfisher, or on your Airbnb profile to build trust and credibility.

You can also use your Dentity in your Apple Wallet to get into venues or get benefits from companies at point of sale. An ever-increasing number of brands are using Dentity to make sure they are preferencing their REAL customers, not bots, scammers, or spammers. The uses are limitless and only expanding, so hop onboard!

How do I get my verified identity page?

Getting verified with Dentity is easy and free! Visit Dentity to verify your identity, create a profile, and reserve your unique ID Tag (maybe for you?). Your ID Tag will be with you the rest of your life — it’s valuable real estate. You can customize your profile page with lots of design options and you can add a bio and links. You can even make your profile page the place where you make money, with various payment options available.

About Dentity

Dentity allows you to create and share a verified identity profile. It’s a universal trust system for all your online activity. Stay tuned, we are rolling out soon. In the meantime, join our waiting list so you can be first in line. You can join our waitlist HERE