Digital Identity

Why Dentity, and Why Now?

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Dentity empowers consumers to build trusted interactions with the people they meet or transact with online. We believe that verified identity can form the basis of a universal trust model and make the Internet a safer place. On our website, located at, consumers can verify their identity at no cost and invite an unlimited number of their friends and connections to do the same.

Digital Identity for the Trust Economy

As we ride in cars with drivers we don’t know, sleep in the beds of people we’ve never met before, date people we meet online, and have strangers come to our home to walk our dog, a new currency is emerging. It’s based on trust, and its quickly becoming the global — and most valued — currency of our time. If a consumer isn’t working to build it or demonstrate it, then the future might be about to leave them behind.

It turns out that creating trusted interactions on the Internet isn’t that easy. There are several “blockers” that stand in the way.  Big tech and social media companies allow anyone, or thing, to create an account on their platforms, so having a Facebook or Gmail account, for example, offers no assurance you’re a real person with verifiable identity. Shocking but true, almost 40% of the traffic on the Internet today is non-human bots.  This contributes to the malignancies of the Internet.  Identity theft is at an all-time high, hate speech continues to fester unchecked on social networks, and reports of online child grooming have reached a record high.  Romance scams on dating apps and fake buyers on places like Craigslist are on the rise, while civil discourse and Internet safety are on the decline.

Privacy and Security

Compound these issues are real consumer concerns about data privacy and security.  Data breaches exposing personal account information have reached epidemic proportions.  There are now over 3+ billion identities for sale on the dark web now, fueled, in part, by the fact that the average business user of the Internet has 191 passwords.  Consumers have more of their personal information in more places than ever before, which has dramatically expanded the attack surface and exposed much of our personal information to bad actors.

Bots and Bad Actors

Consumers have to be empowered to build trusted interactions with the people, companies, and things they interact with on the Internet, and they need a new level of protection for their personal information.

That’s why we created Dentity.  Dentity allows consumers to verify their identity and create a digital and mobile wallet which contains their information. Designed for privacy and leveraging distributed ledger technology (e.g., blockchain), Dentity is the safest and most secure way for consumers to share their personal information. 

Join Dentity today!