Dentity Platform

Web3 Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials Platform

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We started our Dentity journey with the consumer in mind — specifically, how can we help consumers build trust with the people they interact and transact with online; how can we offer them a new level of privacy and security for their personal information; and how can we put them in a position of ownership of their identity. I’m happy to report that thousands of consumers are benefiting from Dentity.  They’re building trust on dating and social media apps, verifying buyers and sellers in marketplaces, and using Dentity in ways that we never could have predicted. The next leg in the Dentity journey has been to complete our Web3 decentralized identity ecosystem, which we are announcing today. By way of background, we all hold “credentials” in our physical wallets that are part of our daily lives — from driver’s licenses to passports to credit cards, they assert important things about our identity.  It’s been difficult to express these and other sorts of third-party verified machine-readable personal information on the Web. The difficulty of expressing digital credentials on the Web makes it challenging to receive the same benefits that physical credentials provide us in the real world.  Moreover, the persistence of digital information and the ease with which disparate sources of digital data can be collected, correlated, and stolen comprise a privacy and security concern. Because of this, the W3C (the smart guys who create Internet standards) have developed a new open Web standard called Verifiable Credentials.  They are cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, machine verifiable, and interoperable across systems.  They are held by consumers in their secure identity wallets. I’m pleased to announce that next product innovation from Dentity — an easy-to-use and flexible platform for businesses and organization to issue Verifiable Credentials to their stakeholders, and a cutting-edge way to verify them both online and offline.  Below are some of the highlights of the Dentity platform which complete our decentralized identity ecosystem for credential holders, issuers, and verifiers:
  • Dentity wallets for consumers (credential holders) which are protected by the most advanced public private key encryption and give them a secure place to store their credentials so they can benefit from owning their identity.
  • A platform for issuers which offers flexible issuance solutions. For those organizations or creators that don’t have access to engineering resources, we offer a no-code way to begin issuing Verifiable Credentials to their stakeholders immediately.  For those businesses that want to integrate credentials into their customer journey, we offer an API for creating consumer wallets and issuing credentials directly from their own applications.
  • A platform for verifiers (relying parties) to verify credentials online using consumer wallets as the identity source. Dentity has created an OpenID Connect (OIDC) app for Verifiable Presentations using OAuth2 authentication, which is offers the most compliant, cryptographically secure way to verify credential information.  Dentity has also pioneered offline credential verification solutions for venues, access management, and age and Identity verification at point of sale.
  • A platform to verify the age or identity of consumers, which is compliant with the Department of Commerce Digital identity guidelines. Dentity can now verify 600+ ID types in over 60 countries and issue Verified Identity credentials to consumers which can be used anywhere online.
Already, the diversity of use cases we see launching on our platform are eye-opening — from financial services to influencers and creators to major trade associations to peer-to-peer marketplaces, they’re all finding unique and useful cases for how credentials can transform their business and stakeholder engagement.  Some issuers are focused on customer loyalty, some on access management, and yet others are focused on using Verifiable Credentials to improve their workflows or supply chains. Admittedly, Verifiable Credentials are a new standard, and their superpowers aren’t widely understood by many businesses and organizations.  Part of our mission is to make VC’s and the decentralized ecosystem that supports them approachable so issuers and verifiers can get started issuing and verifying credentials immediately.  We even deposit a credit into new accounts so businesses can get involved with no commitment! Please join us for a call to learn about how these powerful credentials can transform your business while respecting the privacy of your stakeholders.  You can create a free Dentity account here or contact us to get more information.