Data Privacy & Security

Protecting your Personal Information and Online Privacy

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Protecting your personal information and online privacy has never been more important.  In light of the daily dose of data breaches that now seem to be commonplace, it’s clear that we’re under assault.  This year alone, the personal data of over 530 million Facebook users was made available in a public database, and data associated with over 700 million Linkedin users was posted on the dark web, exposing full names, email addresses, geolocation records, social media accounts, and personal and professional experience.

We have to flip the script — on the bad guys that seek to do us harm by stealing our personal information, and on the big tech companies that have made hollow promises to keep our personal information protected.

Big tech companies entice us with free apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to part with more and more of our personal information.  They “monetize” our personal information through predictive algorithms that push bespoke product suggestions and lure us deeper into the “filter bubble” where we encounter information and opinions that conform to and reinforce our belief system. 

It’s time to make a stand.

That’s why we created Dentity — to put consumers in control of their personal information.  Here’s how we do it:

First, we give consumers total control of their personal information.  After we verify identity using our advanced technology (machine vision and AI, liveness detection, motion examination, and facial matching to be exact), we store their personal information in an encrypted digital vault that only they have access to.  They choose what information is shared, with whom, and when.

Second, we store their personal information in a safe place.  Our environment is ISO/IED 27001 certified which means that we continually examine information security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.  We use AES-256 encryption, which is the same cryptography that’s used to protect top secret information at the National Security Agency (NSA).  Each consumer alone holds the key to encrypt and decrypt their personal information.

And third, Dentity is built with consumers’ digital privacy in mind.  They can choose to share any amount of personal information, or they can choose to remain anonymous or pseudonymous.  It’s their choice, and they can continually adjust their privacy settings to meet their current needs.  Regardless of what settings they choose, they can anchor their digital persona(s) to a verified identity on all their platforms and websites.

Privacy, security, and control.  Those are the foundational principles of Dentity.  Come join us and see for yourself.